Global Distraction


My name is Ryen Macek. I’m twenty-eight years old, and up until a few months ago, I lived a fairly normal life. That is, until I took a trip to New York, needing a distraction, and finding one.

Lucky for me, my distraction followed me home, and, not only that, but we’d been dating, happily. So when he springs a global vacation for the two of us on me, to some pretty romantic and exciting destinations, I agreed… somewhat reluctantly at first.

Once overseas, things were like a dream – sweet and beautiful, almost unreal. I got swept up in everything, in Dane. Little did I know that our little world tour would turn into an epic game of hide and seek.

Can Dane and my relationship survive the thing we were running from? Is love really worth the risk to either of our lives?

With tensions running high, follow us as we discover the depth of our feelings, the rising tensions, and the ever-on-our-mind leader of the mob.

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