Cover Reveal: Artist (Redemption Reigns MC #2)

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Honestly, when I began writing Poet, the first book in this series, I assumed it was likely no one would read it. I mean, I know I’m stretching the believability of Motorcycle Clubs and their world. But, to my surprise and joy, you all have been reading it, and more, enjoying it. I can’t express how grateful I am for the support as I’m writing these novels – the characters are some of my favorite people! I’m LOVING them, and I can’t wait for you to meet Shakespeare and Artist!! I love their grit, their dedication, and their shenanigans.

Without further tip toeing, here’s the cover! I hope you love it!


Release Date: November 10, 2015

Cecili “Artist” Warren knew what she was getting into when she asked to prospect  for Hells Redemption Motorcycle Club. At least, she thought she did. What she  hadn’t been prepared for was the grueling training, long working hours at her  tattoo shop, and falling for the man who’d tested her limits day after day.

Shakespeare Carter, Vice President of Hells Redemption, was ruthless in all  aspects of life – from his role within the club to the demands he placed on Artist. It  was no secret he was a hard man, but even ice melted when confronted with fire.

After a close friend of Artist’s is shot during a hit on the club, she becomes  determined to seek out retribution. Little did she know that would be much harder  than any of them ever expected.

With Shakespeare’s help, can she prove to be as strong as he thinks she is? And,  more, will she come out alive on the other side and still recognize herself?

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