Love Paws Anthology news and Charity Announcement

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Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet and neglectful over here. Unfortunately, a lot of personal things have sort of thrust themselves at me so I have been more or less a hermit, only without a neat hobbit hole to find refuge in.

I do have some news! First, as you may have heard if you’ve been following my Facebook author page, I’ve been honored to be included in an anthology with 6 other amazing best selling authors.To say I’m humbled by their including me is an understatement! Now here’s hoping I can live up to it!

(Isn’t this cover great? 🙂 )


Secondly, and possibly the biggest news (in my opinion) for this anthology, is for you all to know that ALL PROCEEDS from this anthology will be donated to an Animal Rescue/Cruetly/Society charity. And, these collaborators are so stinking cool it’s not just ONE charity. Each author has an individual cause to which means something to them they will be donating their portion of the proceeds to.

Which leads me to the awesomeness of this post:

When I contacted my particular charity, I 100% expected them to laugh in my face (or politely decline) my request to have them as my philanthropy – as you can see, it’s been a… time for me lately. Rather, what I received instead, was a heartfelt, wonderful acceptance e-mail which included the words of “we’d be HONORED” (in all caps, even!).


So, without further ado, I’d like to announce that any and all profit proceeds of mine in the Love Paws Anthology will be going to the Suncoast Animal League.

Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue agency that takes in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals. They provide medical treatment, shelter, socialization and plenty of love to the animals while they wait for their forever home. Additionally, they provide specialized services for animals traumatized from previous experiences and – in some cases – provide temporary foster care in a home setting for those animals in need of more intense, hands-on care. Suncoast Animal League also counsels existing pet owners in solving common pet problems so that more animals are not abandoned or taken to shelters.


SAL is local in my area here in Florida and I couldn’t be more happy to support them.

For more information about Suncoast Animal League, please visit their website. Also, if you can donate, please do.
A $10 donation supplies food for a day, $20 for life-saving medication. Our pets can’t take care of themselves, so it comes down to us to make the difference.


Much love,


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