ARLtJ-ebook-webRaven Sawyer was anything but stupid.

When she found out the man she dumped for being a prick was part of the  mob, she heeded the police’s warning to lay low. She’d gotten a rental car and  drove, with no direction where she was going except away.

She was managing fine, until her car broke down. Alone on a deserted dirt road,  she began to walk, only to get almost hit by a truck.
…And Jackson was a mighty fine truck.

Sometimes, all a city girl needed was a southern man, a small town, and an  escape from a dangerous criminal to find happiness.

Note: this is a stand alone, companion short story in the Distracted series. As an  optional read, it takes place between Global Distraction (book 2) and Southern  Distraction (book 3, coming soon). No prior reading is necessary.

** This 10,000 word short story was originally published in the ALL OUR LOVE Romance Anthology by Novel Grounds **

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