Completely unrelated… Skylander’s birthday party!

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So, I try to avoid oversharing because for me it’s similar to sliding down a hill, which turns into an avalanche, that quickly demolishes the world below. But, this is something I wanted to share.


My youngest son, Landon, turned 5 this weekend. It’s a birthday marker I’m having a hard time accepting, but I digress.
He wanted to have his party at the park – my thought was okay, cool… make some invitations, get some food and tablecloths, let the kids play on the playground and BLAM good enough. And i really thought that… until I went to a couple other birthdays…

I work a full time job, and write full time when I’m home. I spend my nights doing laundry, taking care of my family, and everything else. Needless to say I don’t have a lot of time. These other parties though? They were awesome (as awesome as 5 year olds’ parties can be) with stuff straight from Pinterest, all on a theme. They basically lit a fire under my bum.


Then I ran into another problem. All the Skylanders (my son’s chosen theme) party ideas were super involved, hard to make, and a lot of them were for older kids. I had to do some serious thinking… and I wanted to post this so I can post it on Pinterest so other moms who may be like me can use/steal some ideas. (picture heavy to come)


Games were the hardest things for me to come up with. Decorations were pretty much going haywire at the party store (tablecloths, plates, napkins, silverware, cups – the pinata I had to order online).


Here are the games I came up with – feel free to share, use, steal, admire 🙂

Shroomboom’s Slingshot – Life Element. The kids loved this game, it was challenging but still fun. Basically you stack cups and have kids take turns trying to knock them down. Whoever knocked down the most won a prize (clearly with older kids this wouldn’t work as well, seeing as they have more power). I got the cups at Wal-Mart for $1 per package and the slingshot in the pool section of the Dollar Store, also for $1.


Blast Zone’s Fire Bombs – Fire Element. For this game, fill some water balloons and have the kids pair up in teams of 2. With them facing each other, they will past the ‘fire bomb’ back and forth, taking a step back after each completed hand off. Last team standing with their balloon in tact, wins a prize. Water is free, and the balloons I also got at Dollar Store.


Jawbreaker’s Chompy Crush – Tech Element. Probably the most simple game we played at the party, but also one of the most enjoyable for the kids. I bought green balloons at Wal-Mart (green because Chompy is…well… green). Blow the balloons up only halfway, so they are more round than balloon shaped. Have the kids in a horizontal line, give each a balloon, and once you tell them to start, have them sit on it and try to break it – first to pop it wins a prize. They have to bounce and wiggle and it was good times had by all. Side Note: Be sure you don’t over inflate the balloons or they will not work as well. Only partially filling them makes the game more challenging.


Eye Brawl Bullseye – Undead Element. This was one of the more ‘work’ games I made. It took me about 2 hours laying on the floor, drawing the eyes and coloring them. I did it on a posterboard because I had multiple intentions for the tri-fold board (If you’re doing this in a house or somewhere with a wall, you can attach it that way – we were in an open shelter at a park instead). Basically have the kids in a line and have them shoot it with a suction-dart style gun (the one pictured was $5 at Wal-Mart). The child with the most ‘bullseyes’ wins a prize.


Grilla Drilla’s Digsite – Earth Element. This was my FAVORRRRRRIIITTTTTTEEEE game we had. (and I was informed by my helpful child afterward the Grilla Drilla is actually a life element and not earth, but details details.) It was also probably the most costly, but not ridiculously so. Inside the bag is a clear solo cup, spoon, pudding cup, sandwich-sized zip lock bag with 3 Oreos in it, and a snack-sized ziplock bag with gummy worms and bears in it. For this game, have the kids (with the help of an adult) use the spoon to put the pudding in the solo cup. Then, crush up the oreos inside the bag, and add to the pudding. Last, add the gummy worms/bears, and let them mix. They can either eat it, or the bag from the Oreos doubles as a bag for the entire thing. Slip it inside, seal it, put it back in the white lunch bag, and BOOM take-along snack for later!



I made the Air Element into Food (because, well, I couldn’t think of anything better) and of course, Drinks to the Water Element. All the signs were drawn – by me! – with folded card stock (which is actually cheap for a big skein of it at Wal-Mart) and used Crayola Markers.


I hope this is somewhat helpful! From one busy mom and author, to the next! 🙂

**Here are some extra pictures… Clearly I got the seal of approval from the little man!**


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