Cover Reveal: Favorite Things – Adventurous

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A little bit ago, I was gifted with a huge honor.
An author I respect and look up to, approached me with an idea for a short story series and asked if I would co-write it with her. She’d had bad experiences with attempting to co-write, and I think we were both nervous. Little did we know that our writing would mesh perfectly and a new baby would be born.


So now, enough of my mushy chatter – here’s what youcame to see!




ad·ven·tur·ous – adjective – willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

Having been married for over a decade, Josh and I often find ourselves needing some new ways to fuel the excitement in our lives. So, when he proposes we spend some rather intimate moments in the back seat of our truck after a sporting event, I don’t even think of hesitating to jump on it.

My name is Cari, and these stories are just some of the Favorite Things my husband and I love about each other.

Warning: Adventurous is part of the Favorite Things series, a set of erotic short stories that stand alone for your reading enjoyment and include strong sexual content meant for adult readers 18+

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