Pre-publishing Jitters

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My anxiety over publishing Greatest Distraction is growing. I can’t believe it’ll be live and ready for you all on Tuesday! TWO DAYS from now. That’s just crazy, insane, unreal to me.

A little bit about this book:
When I began writing it, it stemmed from a particular scene that happened to me in real life. I wrote it down so there wouldn’t be a chance I’d forget it – see, some things you just can’t make up! And, this one in particular, I wanted to remember so I could scratch my head at it later.
That scene grew into a book I never even planned on writing. In fact, I have several works in progress that really needed my attention, but I couldn’t pull myself away from GD. With all that said, now you’re getting it.



The paperbacks of this book are going to be off the charts! There is some serious pretty going on in the inside, and they make me want to dance every time I look over the pdf proofing of it!



Greatest Distraction is unlike anything I’ve ever written or even dreamed of writing. It’s a romantic comedy, light to read, full of snark and just… fun.



I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
With that said, I need to go work on part 2 so my readers won’t get completely unhappy with me 🙂


Much love,

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