Mercedes “Mercy” Sheridan is no stranger to motorcycle clubs, or the violence that comes along with them. Being the daughter of the infamous Static Law president, Chuck Sheridan, her life has been no bed of roses. And, fed up after the death of a friend she cared about, at her fathers hand, she decided enough was enough.

What she didn’t anticipate was escaping one club, only to come face to face with another.

Tonka Hopkins, the Hells Redemption biker who offers her help after coming face to face with guns after her car broke down, is nothing like Mercy is used to. Kind, happy, and downright sexy, he only serves to confuse her about MCs.

But with the proverbial sword over her head that is her father, can Mercy sort her thoughts and more, get the hell out of New Mexico fast enough?

And even if she can… will she want to?