Indie Bookfest 2014

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My review of Indie Book Fest 2014.

1.) Peggy Sue Martinez did an amazing job of organizing and running this event. Last year was great – this year was even better. I can’t wait for the future of this event and being a part of it is humbling.
2.) I never realized I could meet someone who was, quite literally, just like me. To the point of where we understand each other completely, live similar lives, and become fantastic friends. Kristina Circelli is that person – with the only difference being one of our kids are really furry and the other’s aren’t. She was amazing to share a table with – an editor and her editor – and i hope there will be more.
3.) This was my first time behind the table with my work and talking to people. I’m an introverted-extrovert. Talking to people is awkward for me if i don’t know them. Thank goodness i faced my fears – i met SO MANY amazing people: authors, readers, bloggers.
4.) Because of my hard-to-talk-to-people-ness, I’m very grateful that Ben Hale was at mine, Kristina, Candace Knoebel, and Sonya Loveday‘s “meet the author table.” Remember: You’ve never seen Ben and Superman in the same room. (And thanks for never being offended by my questions and for enlightening me about the editable movies!)
5.) I met so many of my facebook friends, and was honored to become “real life” friends with them – and made some new ones too: Rene FolsomCarol Kohnert KunzTricia ZoellerMelanie Bingle Marsh,Toni Grace Sinns and K.S. Thomas  – I know i’ve missed some  but  i appreciated and cherish every moment!
6.) And last, but probably one of the most important to me, there is nothing and i mean NOTHING quite as good feeling is having someone fan-girl over you. I’ve never experienced it before and it completely made my day.

Cant wait for next year!!
Now enjoy some pictures! 🙂


Kristina Circelli and My beautiful table!


IBF Signing

An Editor and her Editor, friends, authors 🙂


Getting ready for IBF – Girls must have curls!


Kristina and I


The fantastic Tricia Zoeller and I at the 50’s partyIBF1

Carol Kunz… I may have been fangirling a little bit. I was extremely lucky to spend a good two hours talking with her and i completely love her!
IBF5Life is not complete without taking selfies with Kristina and Rene by a dinosaur waterfall!


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